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One Welfare -- An Interactive Scenario to Illuminate Brachycephalic Welfare Challenges

    There is much to ponder when considering breeding dog ethical questions including:

    1. There is always another perspective to hear and side to discuss related to welfare and ethics.
    2. Although there is a middle ground, those with the loudest voice and most extreme views appear to influence the breeding dog debate.
    3. Veterinarians seem to be under-represented in this public forum.


    onewelfarelogo.pngExploring options: One Welfare’s Brachycephalic Dog Scenario highlights some of the health challenges associated with breeding brachycephalic dogs. It portrays a situation that veterinarians in small animal practice face — advising a client on surgical correction of anatomic abnormalities of brachycephalic breeds — elongated soft palate, stenotic nares, a hypoplastic trachea, and everted laryngeal saccules.







    blackpaw500.pngCLICK HERE to read the full article on DogWellNet!



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