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Understanding the Practical Application of Genetic Testing

    Breed health managment schemes for breeders and owners present challenges. Genetic health programmes are one of the tools used by kennel clubs and breeders to manage and decrease the incidence of hereditary disease in dogs.

    Check out Health and Screening Tests


    Evaluating and screening for health conditions in individual dogs and across breeds is integral to Health Strategies and Programs. However, the challenges and complexities are considerable. In this section of DWN we look to provide information, links and expert guidance to breeders and breeding advisors.

    DogWellNet sub-categories found under Health and Screening Tests include:


    1. General Principles | Tests

    2. Molecular-Genetic (DNA) Tests

    3. Other Health Tests (non-DNA)

    These sections of the DWN website contain articles with links to content and lectures such as those given by breeding management experts, scientific advisors, geneticists and epidemiologists working for the betterment of dogs. You will find articles by Dr. Jerold Bell from Tuft's  Canine Health and Genetics symposiums, discussion of use of research in constructing breeding strategies in blogs written by Gregoire Leroy, breeding strategy presentations by Catherine Mellersh, Sophia Malm, Katariina Maki and articles which provide insights into Kennel Club programs created to improve health and welfare in purebred dog breeds.

    gallery_65_8_56442.thumb.jpg.23ea1d01299For more information and practical advice pertaining to genetic tests availability including discussions about weighing the value of genetic testing for inherited conditions in management of individual dog's and breed health see IPFD's articles:





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