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International Partnership for Dogs - Enhancing Dog Health, Well-Being, and Welfare - Join Us.

DBRG - Dog Breeding Reform Group - UK - Resources

    The Dog Breeding Reform Group's aims are ...

    "To promote humane behaviour towards animals by providing and supporting initiatives to improve dog welfare related to:

    1. a) genetic and breed related health, breeding, rearing and selling practices; and
    2. b) to inform the general public about irresponsible dog breeding in order to make them aware of the potential impact on their dogs' health and welfare"

    Here we are sharing some links to helpful DBRG publications and resources...

    Other information (Welfare reports, genetics, breeder and buyer education...) from the Dog Breeding Reform Group can be accessed via their website.
    Dr Clare Rusbridge
    When bad becomes normal: Welfare problems related to conformation
    View Video
    When bad becomes normal: Inherited disease
    View Video
    Prof Sheila Crispin
    Ocular problems related to poor head conformation

    View Video

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