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Relationships between genetics, breeding practices and health in dogs - Grégoire Leroy (France)

    Here we are pleased to present a Chapter from the Book - Standards, Health and Genetics in Dogs/Standards, Santé et Génétique chez le Chien

    GUINTARD C. and LEROY G. [Dir.], Standards, Health and Genetics in Dogs
    / Standards, santé et génétique chez le Chien /, FCI-SCC-SKK ed., 2017, ISBN : 9 782746 696730, 400 p.

    Relationships between genetics, breeding practices and health in dogs - Grégoire Leroy (France)

    English and French versions are available.



    Abstract - In this chapter, we examine the specificities of dog breeding and selection in order to better understand how these practices impact breed health. Selection within the species is characterised by breeding in closed populations, selection objectives that are generally aimed at conformation, animals that receive substantial veterinary care, selection that is often empirical using a small number of breeding dogs and, more occasionally, the use of practices such as mating between close relatives.

    These practices can have different direct or indirect consequences on breed health. We address in particular the potential health impacts of selection based on morphology (hypertypes, etc.), as well as genetic drift, linked to a limited basis of selection, resulting in particular in an increase in inherited diseases. Faced with these recurrent problems, it is important that clubs and breeders hoping to improve their breed health adapt their practices and use the appropriate tools, especially in terms of breeding strategies and diagnoses.

    Relationships between genetics, breeding practices and health in dogs (full EN) Grégoire Leroy (France) -PDF-.pdf

    Liens entre la génétique, les pratiques de sélection et la santé des chiens (full FR) - Grégoire Leroy (France).pdf

Edited by Ann Milligan

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