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    This is a translation of an article by Åsa Linholm which will appear in the Swedish Kennel Club magazine: Hundsport Special nr 2:2016.


    The hottest topic in the Swedish dog world in summer of 2015 has been brachycephalic (flat-faced) dogs and their health.
    In February 2016 the Swedish Kennel Club arranged a conference on the subject, an arrangement that was right in time,
    but in fact was planned since 2014.





    Agria Breed Stats Presentationbrechyconferencebb.png
    Brachy conference
    Brenda Bonnett, DVM, PhD

    See Brenda's presentation

    BONNETT_Agria Breed Stats Brachy Conference Feb 2016.pdf

    "Dr. Brenda Bonnett has for a long period of time worked on Agria Breed Profiles, a compilation of insurance data based on dog breeds. Breed Profiles have been developed in conjunction with the SKK and was requested by several breed clubs. The summaries have benefited from the tradition of openness in information that characterizes much of the health work conducted within pedigree populations. Today it is estimated that about 40% of the dogs in Sweden are insured in Agria, making the information in the Breed Profiles representative, although not an absolute truth for each individual breed. Breed Profiles identify the most important health problems within each breed, how common they are and how over-represented, but you also get a picture of how severe the problem is for the individual concerned.

    The most common brachycephalic breeds Pug, French and English Bulldogs have several so-called risk areas, meaning areas where their veterinary and life care compensation is significantly higher than in the average dog, Brenda said. We have also investigated if the sick dogs are coming from breeders outside of the SKK organization, but that seems not to be the case. As many as 88% of the insured Pugs are registered in the SKK, and three quarters of English and French Bulldogs."

    AGRIA STATS ARE PART OF THE BIG PICTURE...Agria Breed Statistics and the Work of Breed Clubs

    brachykonferens.pngOn June 28, 2016 the Swedish Kennel Club shared a video on YouTube.


    See Gerhard Oechtering, a professor on the veterinary faculty at Leipzig University, talking about his research on brachycephalic dogs.


    comment...In depth information, research and veterinary perspectives.





    BONNETT_Agria Breed Stats Brachy Conference Feb 2016_FINAL_print.pdf

Edited by Ann Milligan

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