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3rd International Dog Health Workshop Paris 2017: Program Schedule, Speakers and Breakout Themes

    Final_IPFD_3rd_IDHW_postcard_graphic_small.thumb..pngThe IPFD 3rd International Dog Health Workshop: hosted by the French Kennel Club in Paris 21-23 April, 2017.







    See Below for details on Schedule, the Plenary Speakers; Themes for Breakout Sessions;   and more...

    or Download   LATEST SCHEDULE:     3rd IDHW_Program Overview, Schedule, Themes and Speakers_April 2017.docx

    Further information will continue to be provided... check back for further information.



    The format of the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop (IDHW) will follow the basic structure of previous workshops.  For an outline of the goals and background please see the Update December 2016.  There will be a series of short plenary talks, followed by breakout sessions for 6 themes.  Sharing in plenary will occur late Saturday, where Leaders from each Theme will present key issues, priorities and challenges from breakout discussions.  Following a further breakout, sharing in plenary on Sunday will discuss specific goals and actions for ongoing collaborations.



    Also see: Workshop 2017 site of the French Kennel Club


    Friday 21st April 2017

    18:30-20:00    Registration and Welcome Reception


    sched jpg.png


    Plenary Speakers (from stakeholder groups including: veterinarians, breeders/breed club health representatives, geneticists, academics, epidemiologists, welfare, kennel club health advisors, etc.).  |  View Speaker Bios


    Speakers 26March2017.jpg


    Themes for Breakout Sessions: 

    NOTE:  Further information will be posted from Working Groups details specific goals for each Theme as well as names of Theme Leaders.

    Resource material will be listed and linked in Theme Subcategories and, closer to the Workshop, material will be available for Workshop participants.


    1.    Breed-Specific Health Strategies: Needs and opportunities; innovations, nationally and internationally.
    2.    Exaggerations And Extremes In Dog Conformation: Health, welfare and breeding considerations; national and international efforts. 
    3.    Education and Communication: How can international collaboration improve education and communication within and across stakeholder groups (esp. between veterinarians and breeders); using the example of antimicrobial resistance.
    4.    Behaviour and Welfare: How can we better integrate actions to address issues in welfare, behaviour and health in breeding and raising dogs?
    5.    IPFD Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs: An international, multi-stakeholder initiative to address selection, evaluation and
           application of genetic testing.
    6.    Show Me The Numbers: Integrating information from various sources for prevalence, risks and other population-level information;
           latest national and international strategies to collect data and disseminate information.



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