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    Happy Holidays from the

    International Partnership for Dogs







    In This Issue:


    • Hold the Date: 4th International Dog Health Workshop


    • News & Highlights


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    Moving from information and collaboration to action:
    Report from the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop


    • Stay Informed!



    pawprint100x100transparent.png Hold the Date: 4th International Dog Health Workshop Screenshot-2017.png
    Co-hosted by The Kennel Club and IPFD


    Dates:  Thursday, May 30 -  Saturday, June 1, 2019

    Location:  Old Windsor, Berkshire, England (6 miles from Heathrow Airport)

    Venue:  De Vere Beaumont Estate


    The IDHW follows the 10th International Conference on Canine and Feline Genetics and Genomics in Bern, Switzerland (which runs May 26 - 29, 2019).





    Stay tuned for details!






    pawprint100x100transparent.png News & Highlights



    airedale-terrier-800x800-fci7.pngAiredale Terrier

    The King of the Terriers – a name he earns as the largest of the Terrier breeds, originated in Yorkshire, when a group of breed enthusiasts met to 'show' their terriers at Airedale Show – in the area around Ilkley. The breed was often known as the Waterside Terrier because of their working of the riverbanks to keep down vermin.
    (Source: The Kennel Club)





    anatolian-shepherd-dog-800x800-fci331.pngAnatolian Shepherd

    Large, rugged and powerful, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a working guard dog, possessing a superior ability to protect livestock. While not a "glamour" breed, the Anatolian's loyalty, independence and hardiness is cherished by breeders and owners.
    (Source: AKC





    pumi-800x800-fci56.pngHungarian Pumi

    The Pumi is an active dog, combining the biddability and intelligence of the herding dog along with the alertness and activity of a terrier. Because they are intelligent, they need daily work to do, whether it’s herding, obedience, flyball, jogging, or chasing tennis balls.
    (Source: Hungarian Pumi Club of America)








    • vetvineselection-slide.pngA Clinical Genetics Approach to Understanding Genetic, Multiplex and Health Testing
    • Check out the On Demand Video presentation... akc-chf-logo-hgtd.png
    • The increasing availability of genetic screening tests, DNA tests,  and now multiplex test panels also requires an understanding of what the tests tell you. Learn about: the practical applications for using the results of these tests  to improve the health of dogs  - The dangers for the inappropriate use of genetic tests to dog health  - The roles of the breeder, dog owner and veterinarian  in utilizing genetic tests



    Identification SCC-500.pnggenodog500.JPGDogdom in France has been doing good work!!! lof-select-logo-vect.png
    Check out The French Kennel Club's new website... Genodog... LOF Select and more tools for improving purebred dog's health -  find out more about about what's new in the French Kennel Club...




    spotlight logo-01.jpgMoving from information anddog-field.jpg
    collaboration to action:
    Report from the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop


    Efforts made to improve canine health must never stand still...See the Canine Genetics and Epidemiology publication - Moving from information and collaboration to action: report from the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop, Paris in April 2017





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