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DogWellNet.com Digest: Issue #5 - 8 February 2017



    In This Issue:


    • News & Highlights
    • Spotlight
    • Stay Informed





    pawprint100x100transparent.pngNews & Highlights




    New information has been added to our Pedigreed Dogs database:



    basenji-800x800-fci043.pngBrief Description:

    The Basenji originated in the "African Congo, where they had been used as an all purpose hunter working by sight and by scent." Basenji "history extends back to the time of the Pharaohs and paintings in their tombs bear a similar resemblance to the breed. Gazelle like in his elegance and with a stylish, swinging stride, he is catlike in his cleanliness and has no bark which is replaced by a yodelling sound." (Source: The Kennel Club)


    New Information & Resources on DogWellNet.com:

    Read more about the Basenji in a new entry in our Pedigreed Breeds Database.






    Gotlandsstovare-800x800-skk.pngBrief Description:

    The Gotlandsstövare is rectangular in body, noble but with an impression of strength and endurance.  Gotlandsstövaren is a driving hunting dog for hunting hare and fox. The race also serves as a companion provided that you take into account its strong hunting instinct and big business needs. (Source: Swedish Kennel Club)


    New Information & Resources on DogWellNet.com:

    Read more about the Gotlandsstövare in a new entry in our Pedigreed Breeds Database.






    Schiller Hound

    Schillerstovare-800x800-fci131.pngBrief Description:

    The Schillerstövare is strong but of somewhat elegant built. The body is rectangular and should give the impression of speed and endurance. It must be well angulated and well made for maximum strength to pursue prey during a long hunting season in hard winter climate. The temperament is even, calm and easy to train and it is known as a nice family dog although it is foremost kept as hunting dog. (Source: Swedish Kennel Club)


    New Information & Resources on DogWellNet.com:

    Read more about the Schiller Hound in a new entry in our Pedigreed Breeds Database.





    DogWellNet.com Articles




    • Kim Belamy of the Norwegian Kennel Club  has kindly shared details of the NKK's collaboration with breed clubs to create breeding strategies for the Norwegian Lundehund as part of the The Norwegian Lundehund Outcross Project.



    News on the 3rd International IPFD Dog Health Workshop -- April in Paris 2017



    Program Schedule, Speakers and Breakout Themes





    Latest Blog Entries


    Check out the latest blog posts by our IPFD Student, Kelly Arthur:






    spotlight logo-01.png








    See more information on the IPFD Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs: Initiative Description


    " The ever-increasing emergence of new canine DNA tests and testing laboratories has made IPFD-Harmonization-logo-transparent-Lg.pngchoosing quality DNA testing providers and the right DNA tests for health and breeding decisions increasingly challenging for many owners, breeders and veterinarians. Working with a wide-spectrum of stakeholders in dog health, the International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) “Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs” initiative will provide practical support to address these challenges. "


    We appreciate the support of the dog community for this project! Read all about it in Dog News, Canine Chronicle, Dog World UK and the Vetpol Community, UK's coverage of IPFD's - Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs.



    Learn more about the project's Sponsors.


    15168-illustration-of-a-cartoon-dog-pv.png ofalogo800x800transparent.png















    "The Harmonization initiative is working to further engage numerous experts to participate in panels to develop the resource, provide evaluation of tests and work to advance genetic counseling."



    IPFD CEO Brenda.Bonnett@ipfdogs.com

    or Project Director  Aimee.Llewellyn-Zaidi@ipfdogs.com





    pawprint100x100transparent.pngStay Informed



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