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    3rd International Dog Health Workshop -
    Resources for themes of breakout sessions
    to be covered later this week in Paris.
















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    pawprint100x100transparent.pngNews & Highlights



    IPFD Annual Report 2016


    Report Cover.pngWe're excited to present the IPFD Annual Report 2016, which summarizes a busy 2016 for the International Partnership for Dogs and sets out our ambitious plans for 2017!




    • A Community Growing Strong
    • Our People
    • A Year in Pictures: Our People in the Spotlight
    • 2016 IPFD Partners, Sponsors, and Collaborators
    • About IPFD
    • Administration
    • Content & Collaboration:
    • CEO Activities & Outreach
    • Building for the Future
    • IPFD 2017: Opportunities & Challenges






    New information has been added to our Pedigreed Dogs database:



    Irish Wolfhound (Updated)


    irish-wolfhound-800x800-fci160.pngBrief Description: 

    Up to the end of the 17th century, Irish Wolfhounds were used for hunting wolves and deer in Ireland. They were also used for hunting the wolves that infested large areas of Europe before the forests were cleared. (Source: Irish Kennel Club)


    New Information & Resources on

    Read more about the Irish Wolfhound in our Pedigreed Breeds Database.









    Bernese Mountain Dog (Updated)


    bernese-mountain-dog-800x800-fci45.pngBrief Description: 

    They are one of 4 tri-coloured Swiss Mountain Breeds, (Appenzeller, Entlebucher and Great Swiss Mountain Dog being the other), but are the only one with longer coat. The Bernese is still popular in Switzerland generally but especially in the hills of the Bernese Oberland. (Source: Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain)


    New Information & Resources on

    Read more about the Bernese Mountain Dog in our Pedigreed Breeds Database.








    Saluki (Updated)


    saluki-800x800-fci269.pngBrief Description: 

    The whole appearance of this breed should give an impression of grace and symmetry and of great speed and endurance coupled with strength and activity. Smooth variety: the points should be the same with the exception of the coat which has no feathering. Reserved with strangers, but not nervous or aggressive. Dignified, intelligent and independent. (Source: FCI)


    New Information & Resources on

    A Summary of the Breed-Specific Breeding Program (JTO) has been added to our Downloads section. Read more about the Saluki in our Pedigreed Breeds Database.







    Latest Blog Entries


    Be sure to visit our Blogs section to view all of the informative blogs in our community.






    Themespotlight logo-01.png Resources -- IPFD 3rd International Dog Health Workshop


    The section, Theme Resources -- IPFD 3rd International Dog Health Workshop, contains resources for themes of breakout sessions to be covered in Paris.



    Subcategories within this section include:





    • Education and Communication (8 articles)
      Innovative education and communication within and across stakeholder groups; theme topic Antimicrobial Resistance


    • Behaviour and Welfare (1 article)
      Important issues where behaviour and welfare intersect (especially those that also relate to health and breeding)?


    • Show Me the Numbers (4 articles)
      Sources and appropriate use of data on prevalence, breed-specific risks and population level statistics





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