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CanineHD Whole-Genome Genotyping

Breed: Mudi


Relevance Rating: There is moderate evidence or research available in this breed



Disease Name
CanineHD Whole-Genome Genotyping
Test Type
Genome Scan
Whole-genome genotyping provides an overview of the entire genome, enabling genome-wide discoveries and associations. The higher the number of markers, the more potential information that can be gleaned.This is primarily a tool for researchers, and can have applications for testing, and developing new tests.
Details 2
CanineHD Whole-Genome genotyping covers highly polymorphic single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) content and uniform genomic coverage, enabling the interrogation of genetic variation in domestic dog breed. Normally providing ample SNP density for robust within-breed association and copy number variation (CNV) studies. Covereage varies by number of markers used.
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