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Veterinary Genetics Laboratory

HGTD Leadership Sponsor Test Discovery- GTP In House Testing Non-participant Other Recognized Accreditation

General Information

Veterinary Genetics Laboratory
Alternative Name
University of California (UCDavis)
Data Up to Date
GTP Code
1 Shields Avenue
Zip Code/ Postal Code
Participant Since:
Subsidiary Company


Staff Counts
Lab/Company Director
Dr. Rebecca Bellone, PhD
Lab/Company Director Profile
Lead Scientist/ Geneticist
Robert Grahn, PhD, Cecilia Penedo, PhD, Rebecca Bellone, PhD
Lead Veterinarian
Collaboration with many veterinarians through the School of Veterinary Medicine.
Description of Lab Tech Qualifications
MSc (4), PhD (4), Forensic Scientist (3)
Other Experts
Faculty of School of Veterinary Medicine and Department of Animal Science

Quality Indicators - GTP

HGTD Leadership Sponsor
Academic Participant
Year Established
In House Testing
Out Sourced Testing
ISO Accredited/ GTP
ISO Accredited/LAB
ISO Accredited/tests
Number of Tests with ISO/ details
Animal Forensics DNA Testing, ALI-140T
ISO Info
Animal DNA Forensics unit ISO17025 accredited.
ISO Comments
Lab is pursuing ISO17025 for non-forensic testing. Operations are compliant with requirements.
Other Recognized Accreditation
Details of Other Accreditation
ISAG certificates for International Comparison Tests for Parentage Testing (rank 1). Accredited VGL-Forensics; Forensic nuclear and mitochondrial DNA testing in animals
Lab SOP details
All diagnostic tests (traits and diseases) are strictly validated for performance prior to release to public. Quality control for customer samples include duplicate testing with independent DNA extractions, tagging of tested samples with ID markers and matched results. Positive controls for expected results for all tests. Negative control for all tests. Parentage exclusions verified via retesting of samples involved in case.
ISAG Parentage Panel Used
Other Parentage Testing
Other Parentage Testing Details
SNP panel; Owner or veterinarian when required. Buccal brushes are primary type of sample. Other types of samples also processed.
Out Sourced Labs More Info

Quality Indicators - Procedures/ Services

Sample Identification
Unique Laboratory ID (case number). Dog name, sex, DOB, color, parental details (optional for diagnostic tests), client name, address, phone #, email. Laboratory sample tracking via unique laboratory ID
Animal ID/ Sample Submission
Dog name, registration number, owner name and other recorded data for sample
Techincal handling proceedures - GTP specific
Sample submission kits are barcoded. Internal tracking done via laboratory ID number.
Test Result information
Electronic reporting via email and PDF files. Test ID, genotype(s) and description of results included in report. E-verify report available via Report ID number.
Test results provided to
Only to clients who ordered tests (individuals or breed organizations under service contract). Sharing with researchers and other parties only with client authorization.
Faults Protocol Details
The VGL has several measures in place to ensure tests and data are accurate. If faults are noted, immediate actions taken to correct reports and communicate with client.
Results Query Protocol
Laboratory Mishandling Protocol
Quality Assurance and Issue Resolution
QC/QA process includes full review of testing process, including imaging of sample in lineup and sample retesting. In-depth review of genotype result, including sequencing for confirmation or problem resolution.
Contact for Queries
Breeding Advice
Advice Details
Essential information of trait inheritance provided on website for each test, with link included in report. Client questions answered by scientific or trained staff, via phone or email. Consultation via email and phone also available.


Test Discovery- GTP
Test Discovery Details
Ongoing research to discover novel mutatations in companion animal species; independently or in collaboration with other researchers.
Ethics Details
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Test Development In-House
Test Development More Info
New test implementation follows strict validation process to ensure that tests are performing according to expectations.
Any Patents Held
Research Collaborator
Several collaborators at UC Davis and other universities, national and international.
Refereed Publications list
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