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Genefast s.r.l. (Laboratorio Genefast)

Test Discovery- GTP In House Testing ISO Accredited/LAB ISO Accredited/tests Other Recognized Accreditation Out Sourced Testing Participant

General Information

Genefast s.r.l. (Laboratorio Genefast)
Data Up to Date
GTP Code
+39 0543705473
Via Jolanda Baldassari, 6
Forlì (FC)
Zip Code/ Postal Code
Participant Since:
Subsidiary Company


Staff Counts
6 to 10
Lab/Company Director
Maria Elena Turba
Lab/Company Director Profile
qualified in Veterinary Medicine in 2003, PhD in " Biotechnology applications in neurophysiology" in 2007. In 2013, she earned an Executive Master on Business Administration at the Bologna Business School. Research activities are focused on the molecular basis of neoplastic disorders in companion animals. Maria Elena?s other area of interest is the developing of new molecular diagnostic method for infectious and genetic diseases and qualitative traits detection and antibiotic resistance.
Lead Scientist/ Geneticist
Fabio Gentilini
Lead Scientist/ Geneticist Profile
Expert from University of Bologna
Lead Veterinarian
Maria Elena Turba
Laboratory Manager
Maria Elena Turba
Description of Lab Tech Qualifications
Degree in biotechnology
Licensed veterinarian(s)

Quality Indicators - GTP

HGTD Leadership Sponsor
Academic Participant
Year Established
In House Testing
Out Sourced Testing
ISO Accredited/ GTP
ISO Accredited/LAB
ISO Accredited/tests
Number of Tests with ISO/ details
ISO Info
Other Recognized Accreditation
Details of Other Accreditation
Italian official Kennel Club for DNA banking and parentage verification
ISAG Parentage Panel Used
Other Parentage Testing

Quality Indicators - Procedures/ Services

Sample collected by - GTP specific
Breeders, owners, referral centres or laboratory
Sample Identification
We have a software dedicated to medical application and samples management; this software creates a sequential number and a label with this number is applied to the sample, to its accompanying form and the tubes employed on the downstream applications. We register name of animal, sex, species, breed, chip, pedigree number, age, name of owner, name of billing address
Animal ID/ Sample Submission
Samples must be accompanied by our request form signed by the vet and the owner; in our registration procedure sample must be checked on order to verify correspondence between name on the request and name on the form; then a label is applied on both, and at the moment of first sample processing lab technician does a further check for sample id and analysis choice (to avoid any unrequired processing due to technical misunderstanding). In case of error by the vet/owner concerning type of analysis, breed-specificity or type of matrix, samples are pending till errors are solved
Animal ID/ by GTP
Samples are identified by a label with a code that identifies in an unambiguous way that sample; original sample, if possible, is kept stored for at least 12 months; in case of DNA/RNA samples they are stored for at least 3 years
Techincal handling proceedures - GTP specific
Label printed with unique serial number on primary tube and secondary tubes; after sample registration software generates a working file with the indication of the analysis list of each sample registered in the same day; this working file accompanying samples throughout all the analysis phases with recording special annotation, comments and results that are finally inserted in the software, validated and sent to the client. Samples are then kept stored till 3 years, if required for repetitions.
Test Result information
In the report there is our internal unique code with the date of registration; all the signaling info registered; name of analysis and the number of the corresponding method number; results; quality control results; comment on how to interpret the analysis; special notes
Test results provided to
In general results are sent to the person who committed the analysis; we can share with other people if clearly stated in the request form
Faults Protocol Details
For each analysis we run an internal control for sample quality checking and an analysis positive and negative controls
Results Query Protocol
We have a special form that client has to fill to report a discrepancy or unexpected result or delayed results, etc?
Laboratory Mishandling Protocol
Quality Assurance and Issue Resolution
When a client fills in the complaining form and it is demonstrated that a complaint is proved, we undertake a formal and technical revision (primarily sample identification, working file checking, raw data control, correspondence between results indicated in the working file and in the software). If we discover a glitch or an error we guarantee to refund to the client the entire price of the analysis; if we do not find any type of problem we offer to the client to send us a new sample for a second check for free; if the result is confirmed we further send the sample to a second laboratory
Contact for Queries
Breeding Advice
Advice Details
In our price list there is the indication of the specific breeds for a test; at the moment of sample registration our procedure includes breed checking for the required test; in case of incongruity, the owner/breeder/vet is alerted


Test Discovery- GTP
Test Discovery Details
We have discovered 2 genetic disorder; Bernard-Souliere in Cocker Spaniel and Ligneous Conjunctivitis
Test Development In-House
Any Patents Held
Research Collaborator
We have regular collaborations with 3 Italian Veterinary Faculties (Bologna, Pisa and Camerino); furthermore we have some occasional collaborations with non-Italian veterinary faculties
Refereed Publications list
Please see Turba Me on Pubmed for the peer reviewed publications of the laboratory
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