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University of Minnesota Canine Genetics Lab

Academic Participant Test Discovery- GTP In House Testing

General Information

University of Minnesota Canine Genetics Lab
Data Up to Date
GTP Code
1988 Fitch Avenue
Address 2
295 AS/VM
St. Paul
Zip Code/ Postal Code
Participant Since:
Subsidiary Company


Lab/Company Director
James Mickelson, Eva Furrow, Ned Patterson, Kari Ekenstedt
Lab/Company Director Profile
James Mickelson PhD, Eva Furrow, DVM, PhD, Ned Patterson, DVM, PhD, Kari Ekenstedt, DVM, PhD
Lead Scientist/ Geneticist
James Mickelson, Eva Furrow, Ned Patterson, Kari Ekenstedt
Lead Scientist/ Geneticist Profile
James Mickelson, Eva Furrow, Kari Ekenstedt
Lead Veterinarian
Eva Furrow, Ned Patterson
Laboratory Manager
Katie Minor
Description of Lab Tech Qualifications

Quality Indicators - GTP

HGTD Leadership Sponsor
Academic Participant
Year Established
In House Testing
Out Sourced Testing
ISO Accredited/ GTP
ISO Accredited/LAB
ISO Accredited/tests
Other Recognized Accreditation
Other Parentage Testing

Quality Indicators - Procedures/ Services

Laboratory Mishandling Protocol
Breeding Advice


Test Discovery- GTP
Test Discovery Details
See website
Test Development In-House
Any Patents Held
Research Collaborator
University of Bern, Purdue University, University of Helsinki
Refereed Publications list
Bruun CS, Jadelund KH, Berendt M, Jensen KB, Spodsberg EH, Gredal H, SheIton GD, Mickelson JR, Minor KM, Lohi H, Bjerkaas I, Stigen O, Espense A, Rohdin C, Edlund R, Ohlsson J, Cizinauskas S, Leifsson PS, Drogemuller C, Moe L, Cirera S, and Fredholm M. (2013). A Gly98Val Mutation in the N-Myc Downstream Regulated Gene 1 (NDRG1) in Alaskan Malamutes with Polyneuropathy. PLoS ONE 8(2): e54547. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0054547; Ekenstedt KJ, Becker D, Shelton, DE, Minor KM, Leeb T, Patterson NE. Drogemuller C, and Mickelson JR. (2014). An ARHGEF10 deletion is highly associated with juvenile onset inherited polyneuropathy in Leonberger and Saint Bernard dogs. PLoS Genet. 2014 Oct 2;10(10):e1004635. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1004635. eCollection 2014 Oct; Becker D, Minor KM Letko A, Ekenstedt KJ, Jagannathan V, Leeb T, Shelton GD, Mickelson JR, Drögemüller D. (2017). A GJA9 frameshift variant is associated with polyneuropathy in Leonberger dogs. BMC Genomics 2017, 18:662.; Minor KM, Letko A, Becker D, Mandigers PJJ, Bellekom SR, Leegwater PAJ, Putschbach K, Fischer A, Flegel T, Matiasek K, Furrow E, Patterson EE, Platt SR, Kelly PA, Cassidy JP, Shelton GD, Lucot K, Bannasch DL, Martineau H, Muir C, Priestnall SL, Henke D, Oevermann A, Mickelson JR, Drögemüller C. (2018). Canine NAPEPLD-associated models of human leukoencephalopathies. Scientific Reports (2018) 8:5818 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-23938-7.
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