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Genomia s.r.o

HGTD Leadership Sponsor Test Discovery- GTP In House Testing ISO Accredited/LAB ISO Accredited/tests Other Recognized Accreditation

General Information

Genomia s.r.o
Janackova 51
Zip Code/ Postal Code
Czech Republic
Participant Since:


Staff Counts
6 to 10
Lab/Company Director
Marketa Dajbychova
Lead Scientist/ Geneticist
Martina Safrová
Lead Veterinarian
external consultant(s)
Description of Lab Tech Qualifications
Graduation from specialized secondary school for laboratory technicians

Quality Indicators - GTP

HGTD Leadership Sponsor
Participation Level
Leadership Sponsor
In House Testing
Number of Tests with ISO/ details
Specifc Tests=31; General accreditation ALL
ISO Comments
ISO17025 Yes https://www.genomia.cz/en/quality/. Test-specific accreditation, ISO17025: including flexible scope of accreditation. For each method that is used in laboratory, not for all tests ? details can be found at http://www.cia.cz/en/Subjects?ScopeID=L&Search=genomia&DisableFilter=true - Go to detail of certificate > see the attachments
Other Recognized Accreditation
Details of Other Accreditation
Czech Accreditation Institute (CAI) http://www.cia.cz/en , member of ILAC ? odkaz na databázi ? Genomia in database http://www.cia.cz/en/Subjects?ScopeID=L&Search=genomia&DisableFilter=true Genomia has been accredited since 2009.
Lab SOP details
Not Public

Quality Indicators - Procedures/ Services

Sample collected by - GTP specific
https://www.genomia.cz/en/pokyny/ - available in 4 languages
Sample Identification
Animal ID/ Sample Submission
microchip and/or tattoo
Animal ID/ by GTP
dog's name, gender, breed, registration number
Test Result information
reports with explanation, reports in compliance to ISO17025 subjected to external audit
Laboratory Mishandling Protocol
Breeding Advice


Test Discovery- GTP
Ethics Details
Test Development In-House
Any Patents Held
Refereed Publications list
just a few, we are not focused on research, we often provide statistical data to authors of papers, we often publish in laical magazines for dog owners, breeders, agility, we take part in local veterinary conferences with lectures. We also give lectures for breeders. Posters at ISAG conference 2012. http://vetweb.cz/obsah-rocniku-2013-2/ ( Hájek I., Schánilec P., Dufek J., Šafrová M.: Greyhound polyneuropathy)
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