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Wisdom Panel - Kinship

HGTD Leadership Sponsor Test Discovery- GTP Other Recognized Accreditation Out Sourced Testing Participation Pending Sponsor

General Information

Alternative Name
Data Up to Date
GTP Code
Zip Code/ Postal Code
Participant Since:


Staff Counts
Lab/Company Director
Lab/Company Director Profile
Lead Veterinarian
Qualified Laboratory Technicians
Description of Lab Tech Qualifications
Licensed veterinarian(s)
Other Experts

Quality Indicators - GTP

HGTD Leadership Sponsor
Participation Pending
Year Established
Out Sourced Testing
Out Sourced Lab(s) in HGTD
Number of Tests with ISO/ details
ISO Info
ISO Comments
Other Recognized Accreditation
Details of Other Accreditation
Laboratory SOPs
Lab SOP details
ISAG Parentage Panel Used
GTP Service Description
Outsourced Lab(s) Accredited
Out Sourced Labs More Info

Quality Indicators - Procedures/ Services

Sample collected by - GTP specific
Sample Identification
Animal ID/ Sample Submission
Animal ID/ by GTP
Techincal handling proceedures - GTP specific
Test Result information
Test Faults Protocol
Results Query Protocol
Contact for Queries
Breeding Advice
Advice Details


Test Discovery- GTP
Test Discovery Details
Ethics Committee/Board
Test Development In-House
Test Development More Info
Research Collaborator


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