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A Genetic Overview of the French Bulldog: Dr. Jerold Bell

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About This File

A comprehensive presentation on French Bulldog genetic management.

  • A Genetic Overview of the French Bulldog: Author. Dr. Jerold Bell. 2009

Dr. Bell's presentation includes breed specific genetic management concerns and health information including survey results, slides of malformed vertebrae, stenotic nares, pedigree analysis, discussion of COI.


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Health Issues by Diagnosis in the French Bulldog 2009 FBCA Health Survey
•Vertebral Malform. 35.09%
•Allergic Dermatitis 27.98%
•Stenotic Nares 21.56%
•Elongated Soft Palate 15.83%
•Food Allergy 14.22%
•Other-Temperament 8.49%
•Allergic Rhinitis 7.80%
•Pyometra 7.00%
•Irregular or Split Heats 6.58%
•Intervertebral Disc Dz 5.50%
•Other Female Repro 5.35%
•Other-Gastrointestinal 5.05%
•Extreme Aggression 4.59%
•Hypoplastic Trachea 4.36%
•Cryptorchidism 4.15%
•Demodex-generalized 4.13%
•Hip Dysplasia 4.13%
•Other-Ophtho 3.90%
•Resorption of litters 3.70%
•Other – Dermatologic 3.44%
•Frequent cystitis 3.21%
•Mast Cell Tumor 2.98%
•Hypothyroidism 2.98%
•Wry Jaw 2.98%
•Other Respiratory 2.98%
•Degenerative Myelopathy 2.29%

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