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The Norwegian Kennel Club: Breeding Strategies & Ethical Rules and Regulations for Breeding (Code of Ethics)

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About This File

nkk information brochures.JPG2-2022 - Updated NKK documents... in Norwegian

The materials available include...the most current Breeding Strategies & Ethical Rules and Regulations for Breeding, including rules for registration.







The download is an older document (from 2007,  updated in 2012)  in English

The Norwegian Kennel Club: Breeding strategies & Ethical rules and regulations for breeding.


This document is relevant to Breeding, Breed-Specific Health Strategies and Animal Welfare, in addition to its parent category: Ethical and Breeding Guidelines (and Regulations).



Provided by Astrid Indrebø pawprint15x15transparent.thumb.png.52b54

One of our DogWellNet Experts pawprint15x15transparent.thumb.png.52b54


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