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  • Search the HGTD Phenes

    The search function offered here allows you to enter terms used to describe heritable diseases/ characteristics for which DNA tests are currently available from participating genetic test providers (GTPs).  (All known GTPs are listed in the GTP section, both participating and non-participating.)

    Example: How to use the search: Type "PRA" in the search box; a drop-down selection box will allow you to select from the different types of PRA DNA tests. Choose the option you are looking for and hit the Search button which will open a new window that will contain further information on the breeds tested for the disease (links to breed-specific content), scientific information on the test including gene/mutation details, mode of inheritance, references to research, and links to labs that offer the test.  Some Tests/Diseases will not contain the multiple selection drop-down options such as seen with PRA.
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