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Ann Milligan

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Marco-Fuertes A, Marin C, Lorenzo-Rebenaque L, Vega S, Montoro-Dasi L. Antimicrobial Resistance in Companion Animals: A New Challenge for the One Health Approach in the European Union. Veterinary Sciences. 2022; 9(5):208. 


This research includes data collected from multiple EU countries on use of Antibiotics in companion animals - cats/dogs along with other species (cows, sheep, chickens...)

Alternatives to Antibiotic Use are covered.

In conclusion, dogs and cats are considered an important potential source of AMR, posing a risk to public health. However, there are no harmonised control and monitoring programmes established in the EU, highlighting the need to create a joint plan to combat the evolution of AMR in companion animals, encompassing this concern under the One Health concept. For this reason, the EARS-Vet network (2023 report) is currently being developed, with the aim of establishing the bacterial species to be monitored, the complete antibiotic panels for these bacteria and the type of procedure to be followed to analyse collected samples. Moreover, alternatives to the use of antibiotics in veterinary clinic practice are being developed, with the aim of modulating the intestinal microbiota and prevent the onset of diseases (probiotics, prebiotics, symbiotics or postbiotics), also considering treatments such as faecal transplantation and bacteriophages.



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