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Mastiff and Bullmastiff -- Anne-Marie Class

    Anne-Marie Class is an international respected judge and her presentation (below) provides examples of traits described in the Mastiff and Bullmastiff breed standards. Her perspective includes not only presentation of desirable traits but goes further to emphasize that the Mastiff and Bullmastiff breed standards call for absolute soundness. 
                  "What is the danger for Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs?


    "Everything is in the standards
                  Standards do not describe an unsound Mastiff or Bullmastiff.
                  But, if judges award overdone dogs, they work against the breeds.
                  Standards have to be respected by judges and breeders."





    Perhaps among the most effective ways to foster a better understanding of what breed standards mean, how to interpret the words in standards which describe the essences of breeds, is to specifically illustrate correct and incorrect traits. 





    An excellent example is available for

    Mastiffs & Bullmastiffs in Anne-Marie Class's









    The topic of breeding for extremes and judges awarding extremes which are not supported by the written standards is covered elsewhere on DogWellNet. Discussion of health issues in Brachycephalic breeds related to traits called for in Breed Standards is covered in DogWellNet's Brachcephalics section.

    DogWellNet's article 'National Programs for Breed Health' provides access to our Partner's efforts to educate including Breed Specific Instructions Initiative for Judges from Sweden (BSI) and Finland and Breed Watch from the UK - Kennel Club programs, all of which speak to our roles in maintaining dogs that are 'fit for function'.


    Also see Gregoire Leroy's Blog post: Extreme phenotype: ways to handle it?




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