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    Finnish Investigation: Improving the implementation of animal welfare legislation in animal breeding

    Part II: Preliminary analysis of problems and means of intervention in the breeding of dogs

    Officially published in Finnish; unofficially translated to English.

    This investigation describe and attached here (see below) was summarized in Finnish report: An investigation would curb problems with dog breeding through monitoring criteria and ethical delegation. (That link contains a translation of the Summary written by the Finnish Food Authority as well as link to Kirsi Saino's Commentary, IT MUST BE POSSIBLE TO PROMOTE THE HEALTH OF DOGS EFFECTIVELY IN THE WHOLE OF FINLAND which was recently posted on the Finnish Kennel Club's website.)

    The full report/investigation outlines monitoring criteria with the aim is to eliminate dog breeding that causes the animal suffering and hereditary diseases. 

    It is encouraging that the recommendations from the Finnish authorities are based on the excellent investigation described below and that they included authors and experts with a background in and understanding of pedigree dog breeding as well as veterinary science.  For example, Katariina Mäki, PhD (animal breeding) and researcher, participated as an independent expert, and with the permission of Kennellliitto (the Finnish Kennel Club, FKK), where she is employed as a Breeding Expert.  Through her role with the FKK, Katariina is a great collaborator with IPFD and has provided excellent content to (see below) and participated in the International Dog Health Workshops.

    Legislative and monitoring efforts for pedigree dogs and all dogs are more likely to be effective when efforts proceed collectively rather than unilaterally.

    Finnish Investigation: Improving the implementation of animal welfare legislation in animal breeding

    Part II: Preliminary analysis of problems and means of intervention in the breeding of dogs



    finnish-food-authority-logo.pngThe Finnish Food Authority commissioned a study with the aim to create conditions for alleviating welfare problems due to harmful breeding in fur animals, dogs and cats. Under the Animal Welfare and Identification Unit, the approver was: Sari Salminen, Senior Inspector;  the authors were Riitta Kempe, PhD (animal breeding), researcher; and Katariina Mäki, PhD (animal breeding), breeding expert, researcher, Natural Resources Institute, Animal Genetics.  In addition, expert specialists DVM, PhD Merja Dahlbom; DVM Anna-Mariam Kiviranta; DVM, PhD Anu Lappalainen; DVM, PhD Liisa Lilja-Maula; DVM Lena Lindh; DVM Kirsti Schildt; DVM Tuire Tamminen; Senior Specialist at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Tiina Pullola; Senior Inspector of the Finnish Food Authority Taina Mikkonen contributed to the Report.

    The outcome is a comprehensive and insightful 89 page compendium including:

    • general guidelines for breeding dogs
    • current challenges in dog populations and welfare management
    • actions taken by kennel and breed clubs to identify and evaluate health conditions
    • references to existing animal welfare legislation in Finland and several other EU countries
    • research into studied health issues in breeds, particularly those conditions that impact brachycephalic dogs
    • proposed monitoring and control criteria that apply to pedigree and mixed breed dogs

    Who is this information for?

    This report is an in depth, evidence-based reference for anyone working in the area of health and breeding for pedigree dogs, including .kennel and breed clubs that are defining actions relative to brachycephalic breeds, breed health councils, legislators/policy-makers, veterinary organizations, and welfare groups.

    Portions of this report may be informative for breeders, particularly as concerns specifics of investigated health issues.

    The average dog owner will not likely be focused on the specifics of research cited in parts of the report. Although primarily focused on brachycephalic dog breed health and welfare issues... much relates to pedigree dogs and their breeding in general. In the future the contents of this report may contribute to the construct of legislation pertaining to management of dogs which impacts society at large. 

    cover finnish ag report.pngFinnish Report


    English - Translation

    This translation has been facilitated by the International Partnership for Dogs. We extend our thanks to Katariina Mäki for her assistance with the translation. Disclaimer: The IPFD and Ms. Mäki take no responsibility for the accuracy of the translation and readers are directed to the Finnish version as the true source. 




    Also relevant

    Challenges for Pedigree Dogs: Regulatory Enforcement of Brachycephalic Dogs in the Netherlands; which includes links to responses from various other stakeholders and kennel clubs as well as upcoming articles in:

    Think Globally, Act Locally

    A category for discussions on promoting collective and collaborative actions for dog health and welfare and human-dog interactions.

    Our IPFD partner, the Finnish Kennel Club is a progressive and proactive national kennel club, taking leadership on breed-specific programs for dog health.  See, e.g.:


    Note: IF anyone is using this resource or reads the whole... you are welcome to come back with queries or comments...



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