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DNA Tests - Société Centrale Canine - LOF - 2019

    - October 31, 2018 - News from the Société Centrale Canine - LOF Select

    Congratulations and Thanks to IPFD Partners, SCC, the French Kennel Club, for recognizing the importance of HGTD in their steps to protect the quality of their pedigree and health database. Stay tuned for more information on their approach and plans... 

    In the meantime see news just in from the French Kennel Club...

    "In order to ensure the traceability of the health results recorded in our database, and communicated on the official publications of the Central Canine Society, and in the framework of the ISO 9001 standard, we have established a list of mandatory criteria for the recording of a genetic test result."

    See the new requirement at SCC's website: (In French) https://www.centrale-canine.fr/lofselect/articles/criteres-denregistrement-dun-test-genetique

    English version: PDF: Checklist for registering a DNA test result-Societe Central Canine.pdf


    centralecanine100x100transparent.pngService Santé et Gestion des ressources génétiques

    Effective date : 01/01/2019


    Requirements for registering a DNA test result in the French Kennel club database
    Quality criterion (not mandatory) are written in blue

    This list of requirements for registering a DNA test result has been established as part of the ISO 9001 certification to ensure the traceability of all health results registered in our database and published on official documents.

    Every DNA test result delivered after the 1st of January 2019 not following these requirements will not be registered.

    ➢ Sampling:

    •  The sampling must be done by a veterinarian who certifies the identity of the dog tested.

    ➢ Results:

    •  The results must be fully written in French or English
    •  Identification of the dog by microchip number or tattoo + breed + complete name + date of birth
    •  Identification of the vet (veterinary register number and name)
    •  Date of sampling and date of result
    •  Name of the disease and identification of the tested gene
    •  Identification of the tested mutation
    •  « Clear », « carrier », or « affected » or identification of the alleles of the dog
    •  Interpretation of the result

    ➢ Laboratory:



    Also see:

    LOF Select, the decision support tool for dog breeding developed by French Kennel Club (SCC)

    Société Centrale Canine - The 5-Generation Pedigree


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