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IPFD Partner and Sponsor YouTube Resources

    In this article, we provide links to our Partners' and Sponsors' YouTube channels and videos of particular interest to the DogWellNet Community. These videos may cover topics such as behavior testing, breed specific evaluations, tools for education, and explanations of health related programs.



    Scroll down or click a link below to jump to a specific organization:

    Notes: Not all of our Partners and Sponsors currently have YouTube channels.

    Our Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD) Leadership Organizations' YouTube resources can be found in HGTD Leadership Organization YouTube Resources.

    Click here for a complete listing of IPFD Partners and Sponsors



    Contributing Partners

    Agria Animal Insurance

    Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)

    Finnish Kennel Club (FKC)

    French Kennel Club (Société Centrale Canine)

    German Kennel Club (VDH)

    The Kennel Club (KC)

    Norsk Kennel Klub (NKK)

    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)

    Swedish Kennel Club (SKK)



    Wisdom Health


    Collaborating Partners

    Federation of Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA)





    Contributing Partners


    Agria_Animal_Insurance.png.03cc7adfe9fa0Agria Animal Insurance

    Agria's YouTube Channel includes videos that offer tips on a number of pet care issues. Select videos (in Swedish) are posted below. Other SKK videos include routine care tips such as teeth & ear cleaning, nail clipping and flea & tick management.



    As a dog owner you know your dog best. If you make a habit of regularly feeling through your dog and look at the eyes, mouth, claws, ears, etc., you'll discover quickly if something is not as it should be.

    (In Swedish)




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    Dog coach Fredrik Steen offers tips on what to do to teach your dog to meet other dogs. When you can start training the dog for encounters? How should dogs greet each other?
    (In Swedish)










    Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)




    The Canadian Kennel Club’s YouTube Channel includes videos on CKC events and activities (e.g., meetings, Pet Expos), member profiles, and dog handling tips.







    Finnish Kennel Club (FKC)




    The Finnish Kennel Club’s YouTube Channel includes tips on a number of pet care issues such as trimming nails, in addition to videos from dog shows, obedience competitions and other FKC events. Select videos (in Finnish) are posted below.



    Board of Governors Seminar - Canadian researcher and IPFD CEO Dr. Brenda Bonnett’s presentation on international efforts to improve the health and well-being of all dogs.
    (Lecture in English, Finnish voiceover)




    Tips for cleaning dogs’ ears. (In Finnish)







    French Kennel Club (Société Centrale Canine)



    The French Kennel Club’s YouTube Channel includes a variety of videos regarding dog shows, French Kennel Club news and breed profiles. Select videos (in French) are posted below.



    Following publication in the Official Journal of Ordinance No. 2015-1243 of 7 October 2015 on trade and protection of pets, the Director of External Relations of the Société Centrale Canine, André VARLET, reviews the scope of this order. (In French)





    A history of the Poodle breed. (In French)



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       German Kennel Club (VDH)


    The German Kennel Club’s YouTube Channel includes a variety of videos covering topics such as breed profiles, tips for selecting/buying a puppy and dog events. Select videos are posted below.



    Puppy mills – no thank you! Initiative warns about buying bargain

    basement puppies online. (In English, German version also available)




    Breed profile for the German Shepherd. (In German)




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    The_Kennel_Club.png.f1881c0262e05e11db14   The Kennel Club (KC)

    The Kennel Club’s YouTube Channel covers topics such as microchipping, health and fitness, the Kennel Club's Accredited Breeder scheme, tips for selecting a breed and buying a puppy in the UK. Select videos are posted below.




    Microchipping dogs - cute puppy reunited!



    What to expect when buying a puppy from a responsible breeder, and why getting a puppy from a Kennel Club Assured Breeder is always the best option.




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    Norsk Kennel Klub (NKK)



    The Norwegian Kennel Klub’s YouTube Channel features videos from dog shows and agility competitions. Select videos are posted below.



    NKK Hamar 10.18.2015 (In Norwegian)


    Drone footage from agility competition at NKK Trondheim 2014.




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    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)



    The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals YouTube Channel features a video on using OFA in your practice.



    Drs. Smith and Bell speak on how best to use breed specific genetic testing recommendations and all the various OFA services to provide value to the client, patient, and the practice. The seminar acquaints practitioners to the tools and information available from the OFA via the OFA website and genetic health registry databases.

















    Swedish Kennel Club (SKK)



    The Swedish Kennel Club’s YouTube Channel covers topics such as respiration and behavioural/personality assessments; tips on first aid, nail clipping and ear care; and dog shows. Select videos (in Swedish) are posted below.



    Making assessments of dogs' respiration. (In Swedish, English subtitles)


    BPH is a way to find out more about your dog's personality. (In Swedish)



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    Wisdom Health



    Wisdom Health's YouTube Channel includes videos on Wisdom Health's services and information on genetic testing. Select videos are posted below.








    Collaborating Partners




    Federation of Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA)



    FECAVA's YouTube Channel includes videos on its events and products. Select videos are posted below.













    Vetstream's YouTube Channel includes videos on a variety of topics, such as:

    • About Vetstream
    • Clinical Services Updates
    • Veterinary Newsflash


    Select videos are posted below.










Edited by Dave St. Louis

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