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The French Kennel Club

    The French Kennel Club - SOCIÉTÉ CENTRALE CANINE (SCC) - was founded in 1881 as a non-profit organization by dog fanciers aiming to replenish native dog breeds and to bring in and establish foreign ones as well. The Société Centrale Canine became soon the reference canine organization, being recognized as a public interest organization by decree of the Council of State in April 1914. The SCC is proud to be one of the founders of the FCI in 1911, together with the Kennel Clubs from Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.


    Website: http://www.scc.asso.fr
    Follow this link for the French Kennel Club Blog at DogWellNet

    About Us:

    The French stud book has been opened on the 11th of March 1885, with the entry of Marco, a French pointing griffon bred by Mr. Boulet from Normandy.


    The LOF is the sole official stud book approved by the French Ministry of Agriculture in 1957 to issue pedigrees. It enables the "traceability" of pedigree dog origins, continuously improved thanks to genetics.


    The French Kennel Club recognizes over 330 breeds.


    It deals with:

    • over 18,000 breeders
    • over 200,000 birth registrations per year
    • over 55,000 confirmations (breeding suitability tests) per year
    • over 1,300 judges and confirmation experts



    scc5gen.pngIn 2012 the work of the Breeding commission enabled the SCC to set up birth certificates and 3-generation pedigrees « enriched » with information about DNA (identification, parentage), selection rating,  health and performances (breed standard compliance and work).


    In 2016 the SCC expanded upon the initial work done to 5-generation pedigrees containing even more key genealogical information.


    Development of the enriched The 5-Generation Pedigree is a effort which highlights the SCC's and their affiliated breed club's commitment to support education of breeders and owners -- the 5-Generation Pedigree spotlighting value-added traits and qualities important to purebred dog's health and welfare.


    See DogWellNet's article, "The 5-Generation Pedigree".




    The SCC organizes yearly several training sessions for breeders at its headquarters and/or in the regions, in collaboration with the regional canine societies.


    Identification: the Fichier National Canin – FNC, since 1/01/2013: I-CAD
    At the request of the Ministry of Agriculture, the SCC founded in 1971 the National Dog Register, a data base for all dogs, purebred or not, identified by tattoo and/or microchip.


    The register is accessible to town halls, veterinarians, firemen, police forces and dog rescues.


    Key figures:

    • over 10 million dogs listed
    • over 700,000 dogs registered per year
    • over 300,000 « status changes » per year
    • about 70,000 dogs found and reunited with their owners yearly

    Since the 1st of January 2013, the SNVEL (the National Union of Veterinary Surgeons) and the SCC have founded a joint structure, called I-CAD, the sole body authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture to manage the National Register for the Identification of Domestic Carnivores.


    Download French Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Forestry health requirements for travelling to France with pets from EU countries and for travelling with pets to EU countries.


    Shows and working trials
    The first French Dog Show took place in 1863, in the Jardin d'Acclimatation, Bois de Boulogne, just outside of Paris. In spite of the patronage of H.I.H Prince Napoleon, who showed a pack of foxhounds, almost twenty years went by before the establishment of the French Kennel Club for the improvement of dog breeds native to France.


    Events organized last year by the SCC or under its aegis:

    • 34 CACIB shows with almost 70.000 entries
    • 94 CAC shows with more than 63.000 entries
    • over 300 regional and national breed club championship shows
    • 130 all breed confirmation sessions and presentations
    • over 30 cups and national working championships
    • over 1,700 working trials (rescue, defense, tracking, herding, hunting, sight hounds, etc.)



    Education and information
    The SCC organizes several training sessions for:

    • breeders
    • judges (initial and ongoing training)
    • show secretaries and ring stewards
    • dog trainers, etc.



    For dog lovers and the general public:

    • an institutional website: www.scc.asso.fr
    • a website for the general public: www.chiens-online.com
    • the quarterly review, “Cynophilie Française”, published in 35.000 copies
    • the Literary Award, rewards each year a scientific or literary work that contributes to the better knowledge of the bond man and dog: http://www.scc.asso.fr/Actualites?id=570
    • An educational program for children, with the mascot, Loupy, and two interactive games allowing teachers and parents to explain to children how to live safely with dogs at home and outdoors, in order to prevent accidents. http://www.scc.asso.fr/Loupy,510
    • A bi-monthly newsletter, dedicated to breeders, dog fanciers, affiliated organizations: http://centrale-info.blogs-centrale-canine.fr (blog under construction until end of February)

    The Media Library

    • Thanks to significant heritage funding and regular donations, this media library aims to preserve and maintain records of French "canine culture". Books and reviews juxtaposed with photographs, paintings, sculptures and many other works of art representing the relationship between man and dogs.
    • in a spacious and comfortable place, dog lovers can do specialized genealogical research, aided by state-of-the-art information technology and to keep up with latest news from the world of dogs

    You can find:

    • more than 3,500 reference books, from the 18th century until today
    • stud books registers
    • exhibitions and championship shows Catalogues
    • 400 veterinary theses
    • 50 French and foreign magazines issues
    • 140 breed clubs’ magazines issues
    • a stock of antiquarian cynophile and cynegetic documents


    National Kennel Club/ non-profit


    The French Kennel Club is a non-profit federation, gathering together:

    • 55 regional canine organizations
    • 110 breed clubs
    • 1,222 utility clubs
    • over 550,000 affiliated members
    • 58 employees at its headquarters in Aubervilliers, near Paris

    Decisions are made democratically, by 15 central Commissions / Working Groups, under the supervision of the Committee (26 members) and of the Board (9 members).




    All affiliated clubs send delegates to the General Assembly, which meets once a year and elects the decision-making bodies every three years.