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    Author: Dr Frédéric MAISONdr_maison_1.jpg
    Membre du Comité de la SCC
    Président de la Commission d'élevage de la SCC


    At a time when genetics is the main subject of health and selection, I want to draw the attention of all the players in the field to its limits and, more generally, to the proper use of screening programs for the various diseases of the canine species.


    We thought we were beginning to figure out genetics and that by “simply” identifying the unfavourable mutations this would solve a large part of our problems. Genetics, however, has this peculiarity of becoming more and more complex as it is studied and advanced in its comprehension. For a very long time, we had a rather simplistic vision or we were opposing, in the expression of a character, what was genetic and what came from the environment. With epigenetics, we now know that the environment can interfere directly with the expression of a genome, which complicates
    the matter a little and should make us consider our approach.


    English version:


    French version:
    cdba-bulldogpuzzlegraphic.pngMany thanks to Hélène Denis for sharing this thoughtfully written paper on breeding strategies with the DWN
    community! pawprint15x15transparent.png
    carte de visite2017 orangep.jpg


    We look forward to seeing more translations from Hélène & the SCC with information on the French system to enrich discussions of the Breed-specific strategies!

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