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Vets speaking up for animal welfare BVA animal welfare strategy

    "It is recognised that, as in society at large, there are different attitudes towards different animal uses amongst veterinary professionals. It will be necessary to build consensus based  on effective consultation and democratic decision-making, utilising a shared working definition of animal welfare and widespread recognition of the veterinary profession as an animal welfare-focused profession. This strategy lays out these principles, developed through consultation."










    "This strategy considers the veterinary profession as an animal welfare-focused profession, providing strong and visible leadership on animal welfare in society. Through the strategy, we will support our members by developing animal welfare resources and tools to assist individuals and practices as animal welfare ambassadors, we will continue to prompt ethical debate on the animal uses we see and deal with, and we will provide informed national advocacy on behalf of a concerned membership."


















    Also see: DWN's  Blog by Kelly Arthur - 2016 IPFD project, 

    "A Veterinarian’s Role in the Ethics and Welfare of Breeding Dogs"






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