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Long QT Syndrome


Relevance Rating: Unknown, not evaluated or no evidence for test in this breed


Disease Name
Long QT Syndrome
Test Type
Genetic Disease/Disorder
QT Syndrome is a rare cardiac disease associated with sudden death. The disease predisposes to fatal ventricular arrhythmias. Affected dogs exhibit no other cardiac symptoms before death. Some affected dogs may have a detectable systolic murmur or increased heart rate upon auscultation. The most characteristic sign of the disease is a prolonged QT-interval on ECG. The disease has been reported in the English Springer Spaniel. The mode of inheritance is most probably autosomal dominant. [from MyDogDNA]
Details 2
...The KCNQ1 gene mutation identified is speculated to impair the cardiac repolarizing current IKs, similar to KCNQ1 mutations causing long QT syndrome 1 in humans...a form of inherited LQTS was responsible for abnormal cardiac repolarization and sudden death in (the researched) family of dogs. (The researchers) evaluate(d) surviving littermates and related dogs for phenotypic evidence of LQTS and a causative mutation [from Ware et. al 2015]
Ware W, Reina-Doreste Y , Stern J, Meurs K. Sudden Death Associated with QT Interval Prolongation and KCNQ1 Gene Mutation in a Family of English Springer Spaniels. J Vet Intern Med;29:561?568, 2015.
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