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Those Fabulous Finns!

Brenda Bonnett

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finnish canine museum online.pngThe Finnish Kennel Club continues to inspire us!


Finland is a country of about five and half million people and with the highest ratio of dogs to people.  They are fiercely proud of their historical association with dogs - and so they should be.  It is a country where a high percentage of dogs are still used for their original purpose.  The dog continues to be integrated closely with Finnish culture.  


And that wonderful, deep, and long history is now celebrated online with the Finnish Canine Museum. 

... but I'm not giving you the link yet... once you go you may not come back!


This has to be a brilliant accomplishment – for dogs and for the new age of museums.

The amount of information is impressive. 





lapphund video.pngTons of history… including videos













sculpture.jpgAmazing reproductions of art ... including this sculpture credited as:


Hopeinen suomenpystykorvaveistos
1979, Pekka Ketonen

 which most of us can't pronounce... but we can appreciate its artistry!









Finnish spitz national breed from museum.pngAnd their special exhibition is on the Finnish Spitz focused on history, breeding and more.


This is a wonderful resource to inform and entertain.


Congratulations to our Founding Partner The Finnish Kennel Club.


Amazing!  The Finnish Canine Museum Online.  Thank you!







Any other kennel clubs – send us links to great work you are doing … please contact us!  






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