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    Exploration of coat color in the English Bulldog.

    The discussion includes an exploration of coat colors that are deemed acceptable under the breed standards for this breed and other breeds.

    Many thanks to our content partner Hélène Denis -cbalogoex.png- Club du Bulldog Anglais for sharing this content with the DWN community.

    Please find below links to two versions of the article - the original French version and and English translation. The article is written by Professor Bernard Denis – a well-known specialist of colors in dogs - who offers his opinion on the matter of coat color and the exotic colors. This is the article will be published in the “CLUB DU BULLDOG France” magazine.






    The current tendency in the dog world which is the desire to create new coats in many breeds is questionable from many points of view, we have seen it.

    It is important that the clubs worthy of the name keep firm about the respect of zootechnical rules, which are more and more ethical these days. A breed must evolve on its own in the general case! All that appeared outside this scope deserves to disappear (especially if health consequences are noted) or, in any case must remain outside the breed involved and possibly bear another name. 



    Editor's note: Breeder's pursuits to produce dogs in exotic colors to meet the demand of buyers who are looking for the latest fad dog must be tempered by consideration of coat colors defined in breed standards, the potential health impacts of color selection criteria as well as genetic diversity concerns.

    A few health issues known to be associated with coat color genetics in breeds of dogs include: color dilution alopecia, deafness, eye anomalies, blindness, sun sensitivity and skin cancer.




    Also see:


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