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    June 2017 - the Nordic Kennel Union website debuts!

    - site content is available in English - 



    For more than 60 years, the Nordic Kennel Union has been the unified voice of the Nordic countries in the dog world. 


    NKU members share a passion for animal welfare and dog health which is reflected in common strategies to secure future generations of healthy and sound dogs through responsible and sustainable breeding.


    Health is one of the most important aspects of dog breeding and a central area for Nordic cooperation.



    NOTE from IPFD CEO Brenda Bonnett:

    Congratulations - and thank you - to all the NKU members - and especially our IPFD Partners the kennel clubs of Sweden, Finland and Norway.  Individually these clubs are amazing in terms of the scope of their efforts and their historical and ongoing commitment to the health and welfare of dogs.  Their willingness to share with individual dog breeders and other clubs - through and other venues - makes them great role models and leaders in the dog world.



    Visit the Nordic Kennel Union Website!




    Nordic Kennel Union Membersnkulogo1600-5-30-16.png

    daniskkclogo432x432.png        Danish Kennel Club

    Kennelliitto200x200transparent.pngFinnish Kennel Club -- IPFD Founding Partner

    icelandickclogo432x432.pngIcelandic Kennel Club

    norskkc800x800transparent.png Norwegian Kennel Club -- IPFD Founding Partner

    skklogo800x800transparent.png    Swedish Kennel Club -- IPFD Founding Partner














    Nordic Kennel Union, NKU – a short history

    NKU is a co-operation between five kennel clubs’ in Scandinavia. NKU makes policy decisions on different issues and that each country’s kennel club confirms and includes in their respective regulations.


    NKU yesterday:

    1954 – A Nordic conference was held in November, where the meeting discussed, amongst other issues, FCI and their organization. The meeting decided to form Nordic committees to solve the question of qualifications to become a champion and to work out uniform regulations for judging trials for British Pointers, earth dogs and utility dogs.


    1956 – At the Nordic conference in Helsinki, The Nordic Kennel Union, NKU was officially formed.


    The first championship show where the title Nordic Winner was awarded was in the late 1970-ies.


    NKU today:

    Consists of five countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

    The office for NKU changes every third year

    NKU/AU (executive committee) works as a general committee and have meetings one or more times every year; president, managing director and one more representative from each country.

    NKU has different committees e.g. Science, Agility, Obedience and Hunting which have yearly meetings

    Have worked out and decided on common show regulations


    NKU main tasks:

    To co-ordinate and develop Nordic dog sport

    To strengthen the Nordic voice in the world

    Organize Nordic Winner Show every fourth year and Nordic Championship in Obedience, Agility, Freestyle and Junior Handling

    Co-operation in health programs e.g. through reading of x-rays

    Co-operation in common show regulations and qualifications

    Co-operation in judges’ education programs


    NKU current issues (2014):

    Working to decide on common Special Breed Specific Instructions, BSI, for judges to avoid exterior exaggerations in pedigree dogs

    Co-operation in research e.g. DNA-tests



    NKU: Breed Specific Instructions


    Since 2014, the Breed Specific Instructions (BSI) are used at all dog shows in the Nordic countries.

    The BSI aims to prevent health issues caused by physical exaggerations in pedigree dogs.

    In the  NKU BSI there are six basic  criteria  defining if a  breed  should be  listed as  a high profile  breed.  Breeds which fulfill these and  are thus  listed are particularly paid attention to at dog show judging by the  judge.



    NKU: Trials and Competitions



    Videos Nordic Championship:




    Videos are also available on the SKK's YouTube Channel





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