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Did you find our content interesting or helpful? Help support the IPFD enhance health, well-being and welfare for dogs everywhere.

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International Partnership for Dogs - Enhancing Dog Health, Well-Being, and Welfare - Join Us
  • ~ Our Organization - At a Glance ~


      IPFD At-a-Glance:

      • Non-profit, registered in Sweden
      • Independent, international, multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary
      • Facilitates collaboration and sharing of information and bringing the dog world together for action to enhance dog health, well-being, and welfare.
      • Our Partners and Collaborators are organizations that share our interest in dog health, well-being, and welfare. Our Founding Partners were national kennel clubs, international cynological organizations, and from pet industries; our collaborating partners include groups from academic institutions, breed specific interests, educational and professional organizations (include both for profit and non-profit organizations).
      • The target audiences for our online platform (see below) are first and foremost committed and health-conscious breeders, as well as those who support and advise them (kennel and breed club health committees, breeding advisors, etc.), but also include essentially all those involved in the world of dogs including, veterinarians; researchers; kennel/breed clubs and their members; dog owners; and more.

      ipfdataglance2.png ann.png

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