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  • ~ Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute ~

      "ASHGI is dedicated to the increase and diffusion of knowledge of genetics in the Australian Shepherd, and the inherited diseases from which it sometimes suffers. We envision serving all Aussies, no matter what their purpose, the goals of their owners, or where they live. ASHGI will work both independently and in cooperation with researchers, breed clubs, canine health organizations and foundations that provide grant funds for canine genetics research."

      About Us:

      "A large part of ASHGI's focus is on educating Aussie owners and breeders about health and genetics issues that impact the breed.  In addition to the varied topics offered on the website, ASHGI has been at the forefront of emerging health issues, offering basic information, referencing resources, offering breeding advice, and actively keeping the breed community informed about advances and developments in health matters."


      The Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute, Inc. (ASHGI) is a 501(c)(3) organization.

      Our People:

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