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  • ~ World Association For DALmatians (WAFDAL) ~

      WAFDAL was established in 1993, its members are national dalmatian clubs as well as private persons. Its purpose is to coordinate and facilitate breeding of dalmatians at international level.


      Brief Bio: World Association For DALmatians (WAFDAL) is the only international dalmatian breeding club

      About Us:

      WAFDAL’s mission is to preserve the breed and to improve its overall health. We would like to bring together people who are interested in breeding and maintaining the Dalmatian breed and enable a lively exchange of experiences. The main focus is on collecting health data, coordinating and supporting health projects, evaluating the importance of several genetic risks, sharing information on diseases and genetic health based on scientific knowledge, but also organising meetings, dog shows, and other events.

      Learn more here: WAFDAL History



      Non-profit Organization

      Research and Publications:

      WAFDAL Newsletter

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