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  • ~ Federation of Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA) ~

      FECAVA is the platform for the promotion of professional development and the representation of companion animal veterinarians in Europe.

      FECAVA strives to improve the veterinary care of pets, to highlight the human-animal bond and the ‘One Health’ concept. It does this through professional development and liaisons with relevant organisations and stakeholders and by facilitating the interaction between European companion animal veterinarians.

      About Us:

      Through its member associations, the Federation of Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA) represents more than 25,000 companion animal veterinarians in 40 European countries.

      FECAVA strives to improve the veterinary care of pets through professional development.

      It also provides a voice for companion animal issues at European level and works closely with other European veterinary organisations and stakeholders.

      FECAVA is strongly committed to topics such as One Health, animal welfare, the human-animal bond, continuing education, antimicrobial resistance and the availability of medicines.

      For more information, go to

      Non-profit Organization

      Our People:

      Click here to learn more about our Board, Directors, Member Associations, Associate Members, and Partners.

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