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Primary Lens Luxation (PLL)

Breed: Border Collie


Disease Name
Gene Name
Mutation 2
Mutation 3
Mutation Notes
Synonyms/Related Terms
Details 2
Published 2
Published 3

Breed Specific Info

Researched Breeds
Breed-specific 1
Breed-specific 1 Details
Breed-specific 2
Breed-specific 2 Details
Breed-specific 3
Breed-specific details 3

Key Comment

Findings indicate the mutation segregates in a large number of different breeds of dog, many of which are terriers or breeds with terrier co?ancestry, but some of which have more diverse origins. Research indicates that the mutation is present at high frequency within most of the breeds in which it segregates. (Gould et. al, 2011)

GTP Test-Specific Data

EVG Diagnostics

GTP Name
Gene Name

VetGen LLC

GTP Name
Gene Name
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