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    The Genomia laboratory is a private accredited genetic laboratory in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Genomia is engaged in genetic testing of humans, animals and pathogens. In humans, we are testing relationships between relatives – paternity and genealogy. For animals, we offer more than 150 tests for hereditary diseases, sex determination, parenthood determination and tests for coat appearance and colour. Genomia offers services to customers all over the world. Genomia cooperates with breeders from more than 38 countries on four continents.




    Genomia is a proud sponsor of IPFD's Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs Initiative.





    About Us:

    Genomia started its activities in April 2008 in rented rooms of the Science and Technology Park in Pilsen, with only two people who had to manage everything. Today, we have our own premises in Janáčkova Street in Pilsen, and our team consists of nine staff members enthusiastically devoted to laboratory work and several external workers.


    In our first year of our existence, we successfully fulfilled the audit criteria of the Czech Accreditation Institute for the accreditation in accordance to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and obtained the internationally valid accreditation for a testing laboratory. At the same time, we became a member of ISAG, the International Society for Animal Genetics. The laboratory is registered in the international database of Canine and Feline Hereditary Disease (DNA) Testing Laboratories. The Quality Handbook is available to our customers on request, and the document Quality Policy and Objectives is accessible directly. Our laboratory workers are bound to comply with the Code of Ethics.


    We started with 10 tests for humans, dogs and cats; however, we have been intensively working on the development of new diagnostic methods and expansion of our scope of genetic tests to meet the wishes and requirements of our customers.


    We pride ourselves on exact observance of testing procedures and multilateral checks of all tests. We are fully aware of our responsibility to our customers.


    We believe it is the right way to go as indicated by the increasing interest in our services in the Czech Republic and abroad, as well as the loyalty and feedback of our customers. We meet our customers regularly on dog and cat shows, where we are pleased to inform interested people about the issues of animal genetics in addition to laboratory presentation and sample taking.


    In 2012, Genomia s.r.o. was recognized as a top finalist in the Company of the Year competition. We are very proud to have received this appraisal!




    Genomia laboratory is accredited by Czech Accreditation Institute under number 1549 in compliance with ISO 17025 standards.


    Attachment to the accreditation certificate – Attached is the list of accredited tests as of 11 March 2016.


    What does a flexible scope of accreditation mean?



    Learn more about Genomia's accreditation here.

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