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Morris Animal Foundation

    Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Morris Animal Foundation is the largest nonprofit foundation in the world dedicated to funding studies to improve and protect the health of companion animals and wildlife.

    Since its establishment in 1948, the Foundation has invested $126 million toward more than 2,600 studies that have led to significant breakthroughs in disease, toxic exposures and injury diagnostics, treatments and preventions to benefit animals worldwide.


    About Us:

    Morris Animal Foundation started with a man who changed the course of veterinary medicine forever. And we’ve been building on his legacy for 70 years.

    At Morris Animal Foundation, we work every day to improve and protect the health of animals through scientific innovation, education and inspiration. We are committed to fighting animal diseases worldwide in species ranging from cats and dogs to horses and alpacas; amphibians and wildcats to anteaters and elephants.

    Our Work with Dogs
    Since 1950, we have invested over $44 million in more than 1,000 canine health studies. We’ve contributed to early research that contributed to the parvovirus vaccine and development of genetic tests for heart diseases, eye diseases and seizure disorders. We also are at the forefront of funding cancer studies in dogs, including hemangiosarcoma, lymphoma and osteosarcoma.

    The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is the most extensive prospective study ever undertaken in veterinary medicine, gathering information on more than 3,000 golden retrievers during their lives.The study’s purpose is to identify the nutritional, environmental, lifestyle and genetic risk factors for cancer and other diseases in dogs. The data collected will inform veterinary medical research for decades to come. Learn More about Our Work with Dogs

    Foundation / Funding

    Our People:

    We believe animals make the world a better place. Animals are our family members, our companions and our inspiration. Whether we work on staff, serve as board members or volunteer as scientific advisers, each of us strives every day to make the world a brighter place for animals — and those who love them. Meet Our People

    Research and Publications:

    Research Grants
    As one of the world’s largest funding sources for animal health research, we are proud of our long tradition of supporting some of the most innovative researchers advancing the health of more species in more places than any other organization. To date, we have invested over $126 million.
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