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DogWellNet.com Digest: Issue #14 - 23 January 2018

    In This Issue:


    • News & Highlights
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      A Look Ahead: IPFD and DogWellNet.com in 2018


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    pawprint100x100transparent.pngNews & Highlights



    Swedish Lapphund


    Swedish Lapphund!!! An awesome breed - ♥️2665.png♥️2665.png♥️2665.png♥️ - New information on DogWellNet.com - The BREED SPECIFIC BREEDING STRATEGY FOR SWEDISH LAPPHUND - in English is now available.

    Many thanks to Karin Drotz from the Department for Breeding and Health | Svenska Kennelklubben for sharing this breeding strategy translation with the DogWellNet Community.






    • We offer a look at health & welfare issues in breeds including the Pug, French Bulldog and Bulldog in the UK in the article: Reports from the UK vet world - brachy health and welfare (Dec. 2017 and beyond)
    • Get an overview of Genetic Testing resources on DogWellNet.com.
    • Have a look into a discussion of Bulldog Coat Colors which includes an exploration of coat colors that are deemed acceptable under the breed standards for this breed and other breeds. This thought-provoking article also urges us to consider other impacts on breeding and breeding decisions including aspects of genetic diversity.
    • Towards a Global Approach to Health article written by the SCC's Dr Frédéric MaisonUK-England-Wales-Scotland-Ireland-Northern-Ireland-MAPflagbehind2.png shared with us by Hélène Denis covers the matter of DNA testing as it relates to breeding strategies and looks at finding sensible approaches to breeding healthier dogs.
    • Animal Welfare in the UK -- A Passion features links to charities, foundations, associations, institutions, and cynological organizations in the UK that are focused on a broad set of activities from research to developing effective breeding strategies and husbandry practices designed to improve health and welfare in pedigreed dogs.




    Hold the Date: 4th International Dog Health Workshop






    Co-hosted by The Kennel Club and IPFD

    Latest Details Here





    spotlight logo-01.jpg

    year of the dog.jpg


    A Look Ahead:
    IPFD and DogWellNet.com in 2018


    International Dog Health Workshops (IDHWs)

    • The 3rd International Dog Health Workshop in Paris may have been 9 months ago (wow...how time flies!), but the real "work" on improving canine health is happening now.  Attendees from 6 working groups (breed-specific strategies for health and breeding, extreme conformation, education and communication in relation to antimicrobial resistance, behavior and welfare, genetic testing and population-based evidence) are addressing actions identified in the breakout sessions, and material will be shared soon.

      The workshop included 140 participants - decision leaders - from 23 countries. Read more in Moving from information and collaboration to action: report from the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop, Paris in April 2017.

      Click here to review the Pre-Meeting Program, Theme Resources and Reading Material as well as links to Plenary Presentations and Sharing Sessions from the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop.
    • Planning is now underway for the 4th International Dog Health Workshop (May 30 -  June 1, 2019) in the UK - co-hosted by the The Kennel Club, in cooperation with other Partners. Watch this page for venue information and updates.


    Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs

    IPFD Harmonization logo transparent Lg.pngA prototype was presented at the 3rd International Dog Health Workshop (April 2017) and at the 9th Canine and Feline Genetics and Genomics meeting in Minnesota (May 2017). Information has been provided by participating Genetic Test Providers (GTPs), and the Quality Database is now in Beta Testing. The resource will be available to the public in early 2018. Learn more about the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs, including Deliverables, Leadership Sponsors, and HGTD Steering Committee.


    IPFD Partner Initiatives

    • We are working with our Partners to streamline communications between IPFD and our Partner organizations, with a focus on the sharing of information related to dog health & welfare, events and other news through our websites, social media, and other stakeholder communications.  See two exciting and informative articles from the French Kennel club, above.
    • We continue efforts to grow our list of IPFD Partners and Sponsors - stay tuned for announcements in the near future!


    Breeds Databasecallingallbreedexperts.png







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Edited by Dave St. Louis

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