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Animal Health Trust

    The Animal Health Trust exists to fight disease and injury in animals. Thanks to our pioneering work improving diagnosis, treatment and prevention, horses, dogs and cats are living healthier, happier lives – in the UK and across the world.




    The Animal Health Trust is a proud sponsor of IPFD's Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs Initiative.





    About Us:

    The Animal Health Trust aims to be pre-eminent in the understanding of diseases in animals through scientific endeavour and its application to their welfare.


    Our approach is to develop new technology and knowledge for the better diagnosis, prevention and cure of disease; to provide a clinical referral service for veterinary surgeons in practice; to promote postgraduate education and to communicate our findings to others.


    We have a small animal referral clinic for dogs and cats and an equine referral clinic for horses. We offer diagnostic laboratory services to vets and DNA testing to assist dog breeders. Our researchers and clinicians look for ways to diagnose problems, prevent them and, where we can, cure them. We share our knowledge internationally to benefit horses, dogs and cats all around the world.


    All funds we raise through our services, go straight back into developing new diagnostic tests, treatments and vaccines to help thousands more animals. Nearly all horses, dogs and cats in the UK will have benefited from our work – that includes your pets and those of your family and friends.

    Non-profit Organization, Research

    Our People:

    AHT's 'People' include royalty... and many others who support animal health and who spearhead the AHT's fight..  


    We have more than 200 vets, scientists and support workers based at AHT HQ in Lanwades Park, Suffolk. Everyone plays their part in our fight against disease and injury. Our staff are our most important asset in this fight.


    To find out more about our team, please visit the staff directory.



    Cathryn Mellersh, Head of Canine Genetics at AHT is a member of the Harmonization initiative Steering Group.



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