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    • News & Highlights


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    YouTube-logo-full_color.pngIPFD Contributors' YouTube Resources


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    pawprintblackgradient.thumb.pngNews & Highlights




    • Breed of the Month

    This Month's Breed is the Border Collie 

    Border-Collie-Beautiful-Dog-1604083.jpgResearch studies, feature articles, videos, sketch_in_park_wave-bordercollie.jpg
    Breed Standard information, clubs, and more...

    Check out new content and resources for insight into
    this outstanding herding dog breed!









    • Breeds Database Updates

    Updated information on several Finnish breeds has been added to our Pedigreed Dogs database.swedish-lapphund-800x800-fci135.png






    The article includes the Kennel Club's video on Puppy Buying Dos and Don'ts and a report on how and from whom consumers purchase pups, calls attention to the KC's the PAWS (Puppy Awareness Week) along with a Dogs Trust Puppy Smuggling report which covers illegal trade practices that result in many poorly bred, sick dogs being offered for sale to the public in the UK.kcacademyhome.png

    Thanks go to Hannah James (Health and Research Assistant, The Kennel Club) for sharing an overview of  breeder education resources from The Kennel Club Academy with our DogWellNet community! See more contributions from Hannah in the following section.





    IPFD Partners in Action

    Partners in Action 1.jpg lof-select-logo-vect.pngThe Société Centrale Canine has followed the good example of other Kennel clubs (The Kennel Club with Mate Select, Swedish Kennel Club with Avelsdata and Finnish Kennel Club with Koiranet) and developed a new decision support tool for breeders: LOF Select. (Submitted by Fleur-Marie Missant, The Société Centrale Canine)




    aktuell_0418.jpgThe VDH (German Kennel Club) translated our recent Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD) press release and published it in the VDH's monthly journal, Unser Rassehund (subscription required to view) which goes out to 20,000 breeders, judges, vets, and other officials of the German purebred dog scene! (Submitted by Barbara Thiel, Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen)






    The_Kennel_Club.pngThe Kennel Club is currently developing a new Facebook Group to provide the latest Dog Health & Breeding news.

    It will be hosting the annual Breed Health Symposium (formerly known as the Breed Health Co-ordinator Symposium) on 19 September to provide information and updates on canine health concerns and research projects and its Breed Watch Education day on 4 November to offer judges at all levels of experience a developed understanding of health and welfare concerns they should be aware of when judging. (Submitted by Hannah James, The Kennel Club)




    Kennelliitto_logo_RGB_pos.pngThe Finnish Kennel Club

    The Finnish Kennel Club published new websites on 4 July. The new pages are better for users on mobile devices. The pages got a fresher look and their structure was renewed. In addition to the familiar, well-read content, a wealth of new content has also been produced. Check it out! English at






    Article: ‘Extreme breeding’ of companion animals: Raising public awareness is key (Thanks to Monique Megens, Former FECAVA President for sharing The Parliament Magazine article!)

    Related content on IPFD CEO Dr. Brenda Bonnett's latest blog post: European Parliament event: Health Before Looks




    Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD)

    Did you know...

    harmonization-of-genetic-testing-for-dogs-2-12-2018.png...that HGTD resources can be used for more than just researching genetic test providers and the tests available for your breed? You can also find a wealth of information on inherited diseases in the “Search by Test/Disease” function. Here, you can find links to the original science behind the test development, find out who discovered and created the tests, and view breed-specific recommendations and resources. Information on the disease itself covers, wherever possible, the age of disease onset, what signs you might see in an affected dog, and how the disease is inherited. If you're a researcher, you can also find information on the genes/mutation(s) tested for. 

    New This Month:

    globe.pngWe are pleased to introduce an improved search function for those searching for genetic test providers by country.

    Try it out today!  








    Hold the Date: 4th International Dog Health Workshop


    Co-hosted by The Kennel Club and IPFD

    Latest Details Here


    2-23-2018-4thidhw-postcard8inx3in white-01.pngScreenshot-2017.png












    IPFD Contributors' YouTube Resources



    large.YouTube-logo-full_color.pngMany of our Partners and Sponsors have useful video resources on their YouTube channels

    We've prepared two articles (links below) where we provide links to our contributors' YouTube channels and videos of particular interest to the DogWellNet Community. These videos cover a broad range of topics, such as behavior testing, breed specific evaluations, tools for education, and explanations of health related programs.


    Screenshot from article:






    IPFD Partner and Sponsor YouTube Resources   |   HGTD Leadership Organization YouTube Resources


    Stay tuned for enhanced video resources on soon!




    pawprintblackgradient.thumb.pngHelpful Hint




    Did you miss an issue of DogWellNet Digest?

    You can access all past issues of our Digest in our archive.







    pawprintblackgradient.thumb.pngStay Informed


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