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    Breed education at its finest!









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    pawprintblackgradient.thumb.pngNews & Highlights




    • Breed of the Month

    This Month's Breed is the Finnish Spitz finnishspitzclubarchive-magazine-cover.png

    Research studies, feature articles, videos, Breed Standard information, clubs, and more...

    Recent research: Origins and wanderings of the Finnish hunting spitzes - Pohjoismäki JLO, Lampi S, Donner J, Anderson H (2018) Origins and wanderings of the Finnish hunting spitzes. PLoS ONE 13(6): e0199992. Supporting Information

    Article: MyDogDNA® contributes to the understanding of the breed history and diversity of the Finnish national dog...

    And at the Finnish Canine Museum, don't miss the history of the Finnish Spitz  and The Finnish Spitz barks in the cultural history as a symbol of Finnishness.

    Check out the electronic archive: Suomen Pystykorvajärjestö • Finska Spetsklubben ry. which offers a collection of published issues as PDFs, dated from 2014 to  as early as 2002. (Publication written in Finnish)

    A Breed History Project - Suomen Kennelliitto - As a result of the project that has been mapping the history of Suomenpystykorva, the breeding database is being supplemented with a total of 88,430 Finnish puppy pedigrees from Finland since the beginning of the registration. Registration data from Sweden and Norway supplement the pedigrees of Finnish dogs...

    Check out the Finnish Spitz!!!





    miniwiredachsillustrationkc.pngMiniature Dachshund

    We are very pleased to see the work being done by the Dachshund Breed Council - see information on Nationwide genetic testing towards eliminating Lafora disease from Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds in the United Kingdom and an analysis of the latest Mini Wire Lafora Registration statistics (from the Autumn 2018 Breed Records Supplement).



    scottish-deerhound-800x800-fci164.pngScottish Deerhound

    Large rough coated dogs of greyhound type have been known in Scotland for at least 500 years. Early in its history the breed was called the Scottish Wolfdog but as the wolf population began to disappear it was developed as a deer coursing breed.
    Source: The Kennel Club (UK)






    • Great Britain - October 1st, 2018 - New Dog Breeding Regulation
    • Take a closer look at the new Regulations pertaining to animal-welfare-crime-cruelty-to-animals-160902.jpglicensing  in England - the article summarizes recent changes to regulations that impact dog breeders and other dog related businesses. Guidance documents for business owners and local authorities cover concepts to improve the welfare of dogs. A link to The Kennel Club's Summary of these new Regulations is available.
    • Health conscious breeding, the role of genetic testing and the importance of genetic counseling are addressed in WSAVA's policy paper, The Role of Health Conscious Breeding and Genetic Testing in Reducing the Impact of Hereditary Disease.
    • Several recent articles have raised concerns about the quality of canine genetic testing. There is concern about the quality measures, standards and practices of genetic test providers (GTPs), but there are also factors related to test discovery, validation and application that may limit our ability to get the most out of genetic testing. A new article Improving Canine Genetic Testing is in response to numerous queries and discussions on what is needed to improve the situation.
    • Updated:12-5-2018 - SCC - "DNA Tests - Société Centrale Canine - LOF - 2019"

      Many thanks to SCC's Health and Genetic Resources Project Manager, Fleur Marie Missant, for this explanation in English!

      Good reasoning in the writing: "The best way to present results is to have an interpretation of it: What is the percentage of risk for this dog to develop the disease? What is the percentage of risk to pass it down to its offspring?"




    frombsivid.png"We do this for the dogs' sake"

    From "Brenda's Blog"

    "I have frequently heard people say that what they are doing is 'for the dogs'' when it might seem it is mainly for their own goals - but the Swedish Kennel Club has posted an informative video about the Breed Specific Instructions... read more





    IPFD Partners in Action

    Partners in Action 1.jpg

    safe_image.php.jpgSee the Finnish Kennel Club's article (also posted on their Facebook page) which links to a documentary on responsible dog breeding - "constructive cooperation between the various actors - kennel union, race organisations and associations, dog breeders and dog owners, as well as various partners, such as veterinarians, researchers and different animal welfare bodies. There is already a great deal of work to be done to promote the welfare of breeds..." (Content presented in Finnish)


    skkplay.pngPedigree dogs for the future – and the role of Breed Specific Instructions (BSI)

    BSI explained - in English at SKKPlay.

    "Learn more about the aim of the Breed specific instructions (BSI), the routines at the shows and how the collected data is used. Find out more about BSI at"





    Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs (HGTD)





    • sentinelbiomedical-ncuniversitylogo.pngAccurate and timely diagnosis of TCC/UC is often challenging. HGTD collaborator, Sentinel Biomedical launches new non-invasive laboratory analysis -- Increases sensitivity to detect canine bladder and prostate cancers to over 95 percent... RALEIGH, N.C., Nov. 28, 2018

      /PRNewswire/ -- Sentinel Biomedical Inc.announced the availability of CADET® BRAF-PLUS, a powerful new add-on for its CADET® BRAF product..."




    Get Involved in HGTD!

    We welcome additional participant GTPs, more collaborators from any stakeholders concerned with dog health and welfare, the advice of experts, the participation of breed clubs and other consumer groups. We stand ready to provide more information to ongoing discussions.

    Please feel free to contact us as we work together for healthy dogs and to support those who breed and own them: IPFD CEO, Dr. Brenda Bonnett, at and/or HGTD Project Director, Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi, at







    bookcovervector.pngStandards, Santé et Génétique chez le Chien / Standards, Health and Genetics in the Dog


    A remarkable educational opportunity - internationally applicable!


    Standards, Santé et Génétique chez le Chien / Standards, Health and Genetics in the Dog, created by the  Société Centrale Canine (SCC) in collaboration with the Fédération Cynophile Internationale (F.C.I) and the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK), presents information from the world of dogs which can be applied in service to canine and human health and well-being.

    This work includes contributions by veterinarians, researchers, and dog-theorists who offer insights into the development of breed standards as well as the incredible advances in molecular genetics.





    Hold the Date: 4th International Dog Health Workshop


    Co-hosted by The Kennel Club and IPFD




    2-23-2018-4thidhw-postcard8inx3in white-01.pngScreenshot-2017.png









    pawprintblackgradient.thumb.pngHelpful Hint






    You can browse videos by category by clicking on the Video link in the main navigation bar (circled in red in image to the left) or by clicking here.











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    IPFD is truly a "people driven" service organization. We allocate the bulk of our financial resources to maintain a 186765109_piggybank.jpgsmall but dedicated team of consultants to manage our modest resources and facilitate the activities of our stakeholders, with the aim of achieving our collective goals.

    You can specify how your donation is used (support IPFD and its programs and activities OR support the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs). All donations are handled securely via PayPal.

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